Main goal: review the value of the rhythmic figures and their silences, and work the equivalences.

The purpose of this activity is to use the Montessori material Musi·Rhythms. In this set of wooden pieces the size of each piece is proportional to the value of each rhythmic figure that it contains. This will help the students use them intuitively to complete the tasks that they are assigned.

The proposed activities can be increasingly difficult and presented as challenges. When the student overcomes the first challenge, he/she can move on to the next one.

Musimathematical Learning Center Programming

Programming of the activity Musimathematical

Sheets of addition and subtraction you can download:

musimates 1 A3

Musimates A3 4

musimates A3 3


In the store you will find the Musi·Rhythms game related to this activity:
🛒Musi·Rhythms (135 peces)
🛒Musi·Rhythms (270 peces)

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